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In homes and businesses around the globe, bedbugs have been associated with various terrible things and rightly so.

They have become quite worrisome because they have even graduated in hotels aside from the recent, substantial increase in several sections of Australia over the past seven years.

Bedbugs Sunshine Coast

Bed bugs belong to the Cimicidae family and the order Hemiptera. At adulthood, the average bedbug length is between the ranges of 1-4mm, comparable to the length of an apple seed.

They make use of their six legs since they are wingless and have long antennae together with strong mouthparts, able to bite into human skin.

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Habits and Identification

Identifying bed bugs can prove to be quite difficult until they deliver their bites, and this is because of their extremely quick movement and small size.

Also, their nature of being nocturnal does not help the cause of identifying them. Still, you can easily identify them by brown or black spots in places they use in hiding and by using white sheets on your bed, where their brown colour pops out, and they can be clearly seen.

The dark spots are made up of their excrement. Also, they might give off an offensive but sweet odour, similar to that of a smashed stink bug when the bed bugs numbers are much.

You may probably locate them on mattress folds and seams, bed heads, crevices, and plaster cracks.


Because of their quick movement in exposure to light and the pheromones they use in communication that alert them of danger, they are quite difficult pests to treat.

However, for our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts, there are controlled heat treatments safe chemical and physical treatments we can administer to convincingly eliminate bed bugs from your homes and save you from waking up with bite marks and your blood on your sheets from bed bugs attacks.

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