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Spiders crawling about your home are enough to give anyone the jitters! These foreign invaders can range from being slightly bothersome to downright dangerous.

The colourful world of spiders includes a vast array of different species. Red-coloured arachnids typically pose a fierce threat, packing a potent venom. Orange-coloured brethren are a tad less lethal but still toxic, while the green ones are generally benign. However, would you want any of these eight-legged creatures lurking in corners of your house?

But fear not! The Sunshine Coast Pest Control team is here to show you how to fortify your home against these unwanted guests and even evict them should they breach your defences.

Barricading your home against Spiders

Spiders are sly, tiny, and occasionally pop up, making an unwelcome entry into your abode. They sneak in, almost invisible, and we are left clueless about what lures them.

Spider Treatment Sunshine Coast

Their webs soon become a common sight, draped in hidden corners of the house, making you wonder if these silk structures were part of the property’s initial design!

But that doesn’t have to be the case. We bring to you a few simple tips that can help you keep these unwelcome visitors at bay:

  • Fix any cracks or gaps in your walls. These cracks often serve as hidden entryways for the sneaky spiders. Sealing them is a smart starting point.
  • Consider installing flyscreens on your windows. This is a brilliant way to guard all those tiny entries.
  • Cap up vents and weep holes with mesh to prevent the spiders from sneaking through.

Remember, being vigilant about potential entry points in your property can offer the first layer of defence against the spider invasion.

Reasons to keep Spiders out

Here’s the why for keeping spiders out:

  • They spin webs around your home, making it appear unkempt.
  • Spiders might send a shiver down the spine of your guests...or yours!
  • Spiders can bite! Some can be really venomous and might lead to health issues.
  • ...and well, the list goes on.

Evicting the Uninvited

Successful spider control often lies in successfully keeping them from breaching your boundaries. But should these sly creatures find a way in, there are ways to show them the exit.

Eliminating their webs can disrupt their livelihood, sending them off to find a new residence. And if you’re comfortable with it, the good old broomstick approach is always an option!

A pesticide can be a powerful tool in the battle against spiders, but take care not to turn your home into a toxic environment.

And remember, we are just a phone call away. Reach out to Sunshine Coast Pest Control and let us help make your spider woes a thing of the past. We’ll ensure your home is spider-free in an instant!

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