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Spiders are some of the scariest pests in your home. Not everyone is crazy enough to let these arachnids into their homes and bite them.

Spiders are of different kinds or species. Usually, the red ones are deadly and dangerous, the orange ones are not as deadly but contain poison that is usually toxic, while the ones in green are not dangerous, and you have a low risk of getting poison from these.

That being said, nobody wants a host of spiders, poisonous or not, running around and making themselves feel at home.

Spider Treatment Sunshine Coast

So, we will show you how to prevent these guys from making an entry into your home and how to eliminate them when they do make their way into your home.

How do you prevent spiders from entering your property?

Spiders are almost everywhere in every house, so much so that it feels like there is no way to prevent them from making a sneaky entry every time.

We almost always don’t see them sneaking in (like ants), and we do not know what they are particularly attracted to.

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All we see are their webs in every corner of the house, built so well that you think these webs come with every house.

But that isn’t so. There are a few ways to try to prevent spiders from entering your house, and they include:

  • Repair your wall cracks and crevices with gap filler. These cracks provide easy and clandestine entry points for these pests, and you are better off without them anyway. So always try as much as you can to ensure they are fully covered.
  • Put fly screens on every window in your house. The idea is to cover up every small hole as an entry point for these pests.
  • Cover your vents and weep holes with mesh. Also, this helps you cover holes that spiders can pass through.

Ensure you cover every place these spiders can use as an entry point as much as you can. When that is done, you can proceed to the next phase of the plan: eradicating them.

Why don’t you want them in your house

  • They build webs and make your house messy
  • They scare your friends, guests and you
  • They can bite you and make you sick
  • …and many other reasons

Taking them out

The best way to manage spiders in your house is to prevent them from entering in the first place.

However, if they make their way in, you can destroy them by destroying their home: the spider web or destroying them with a broomstick.

Of course, a good pesticide always works when dealing with spiders, but you want to be careful not to poison anything in your house.

We are always available if you need to get those spiders out of your house. Give us a call today, and we will ensure the spider thing is a thing of the past in no time.

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