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Ants symbolise hard work and are an example for many to learn from. They gather during the summer when they can and cause havoc in the not-so-favourable seasons.

They can also lift more than their weight (between 10-50 times their body weight); not only this, but they work together in teams. They are indeed an inspiration for modern-day go-getters.

Ant Control Sunshine Coast

That being said, they’re still a pest and one that is all too common to the Sunshine Coast. Ants are a nuisance for home and business owners.

Ants can destroy food in hours and are an unpleasant sight to watch. They are not the kind of pest you want wandering your house daily.

Why do ants invade your home?

As stated earlier, ants move to gather food for the seasons that are unfavourable for their movement. Anywhere you keep food, from the fridge, the cupboard and even the garbage.

Ant infestation is a huge issue, and proper treatment is advised. Trained professionals should do ant control on the Sunshine Coast.

Usually, you’ll see a colony of ants walking up and down the food source (alluding to the fact that they work in teams), carrying food back home. You will rarely see a single or solitary ant doing this work.

If you see a solitary ant anywhere food is kept, it is most likely gathering “intel” for the others. As soon as that place is confirmed as a good location or source for their gathering, you will see the rest soon after.

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Why should you not allow ants into your home?

Even though their intelligence is something to learn from, we may even appreciate their hustle. Ants become a problem when it starts affecting your peace and reputation.

Other reasons include:

  • Certain ants can sting and bite, causing pain to the person involved. You do not want to be stung by a wicked ant. The inflammation and pain caused can be very annoying.
  • Ants can spread some diseases.
  • Ants contaminate your food and destroy it, rendering it useless in most cases.

Tolerating them outside your home is one thing, but allowing them into your home, where you and your family go to eat, is quite the annoyance. That’s where Sunshine Coast Pest Control comes in.

What do you do to control these ants?

A step-by-step process to deal with ant infestation would be to:

  • Understand the species of ants you are working with
  • Take out any food and water source they could be benefitting from
  • Take out the garbage as often as possible
  • Find their hideout and take them out before they make a move to invade your house.

If all of these steps have been followed without success, call an ant control or pest control expert like us.

We will get rid of your ant problems before you can blink twice, and with no stress at all.

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