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Studies on cockroaches have shown that, across the globe, there are about 4,000 species of cockroaches, and about 450 species are in Australia.

Most of them are not actually pests except for just about three of them; Australian, German, and American cockroaches are the most commonly found in Australian workplaces and homes.

Cockroaches Sunshine Coast

The irritating sight of cockroaches is enough to want them out of your home for good but doing that, you must have a solid idea about the pest that has been dealt with.

Whilst they have been one of the most frequent but loathed home invaders in Australia, their effects on your home or business should not be ignored or treated frivolously.

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Valuable information on cockroaches

Some features of the various cockroach species in Australia are; for the Australian Cockroach, it takes about 6-12 months for an average nymph to become an adult. It can easily be distinguished by its dark brown colouration and, in some areas, a shade of light brown.

The German cockroach is commonly recognized by a pair of longitudinal stripes located at the pronotum, and nymphs take up to 6 months to become adults.

The American cockroach is actually the one that invades workplaces and residential homes in Australia the most, being distinguishable by its bright red-brown colour and are capable of flying at high temperatures.

Moreover, these species behave like cockroaches as they all tend to be most attracted to rubbish from food and garbage.

They are not capable of causing direct harm to humans. Still, they are fully equipped and willed to contaminate your foods and the environment, generally, while carrying and transmitting diseases like Salmonella.

Their menace in Australia is undeniable, but since you have our professional pest control services, you need not worry if these pests have infested your home or you’d like a more specific or practical and efficient method and prevention approach than the effective cleanliness protocol.

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