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The infamous pests in Australia are known to many households and businesses for a variety of their dangerous and destructive attributes, as well as their insistent ability to irritate people.

They have successfully been able to populate themselves in homes across the globe.

Rodents Sunshine Coast

These pests are not to be trifled with because once they gain access to your home or workplace, you can rest assured that significant damage is going to happen as well as the possibility of disease transmission.

Nonetheless, it would be advantageous for you to have some background information on them that you may not know for the sake of your safety.

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Species in Australia

The most popular rodent pest species in Australia are Norway, Roof, and House mouse. Although looking quite different physically, they are similar and characteristically dangerous to have in your home or business environment.


Identification of rodents is pretty obvious for anyone in this century with their hairy body, long tail, and quick feet.

Issues will only arise when trying to identify rodent species, but this is relatively unimportant as although not all rodents are pests (some contributing significantly to the ecosystem), if they should find their way through into your homes or workplaces, then they most probably are pests.

Identifying an infestation has to do with you inspecting your property for objects that look like they were gnawed or for irregular holes on fabric, containers, paper and the like.

Why do you need professional rodent control?

Rodents are not just irritating, and they can cause serious damage to property and health.

They carry dangerous diseases like Hantavirus and Tularemia, among others, and their insistent gnawing can go up to your electrical wiring, causing a short circuit and, sometimes, fire outbreak.

So, the moment you notice an infestation, or you’d like to inspect for an infestation, take no time to call us for your professional rodent control services.

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