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There are thousands of kinds of insects that are found on our planet.

There are several insects that can damage your food as well as there are some that can ruin your property in several ways. They hide in hidden places thus you can't even notice them however they keep on increasing in number quickly.

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We're specialized in dealing with all kinds of bugs and pests and also eliminating them totally from your house.

Identification of the particular variety of bug, applying a possible technique to solve the problem effectively and monitoring the surroundings for a while to ensure effectiveness and satisfaction.

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Our Team is commited about pest control and unbeatable products that are both affordable, and safe, We also service other local areas such as: Beerwah, Upper Caboolture, Buderim, Kuluin, and, Donnybrook. Phone us today. Because we're local our team can be there quickly.

Ant Control

This insect is most times very safe however you will find quite a few types of ants that can unleash horrible bites. In addition to that, they easily contaminate foods which may, in turn, affect your health.

We have been offering the best expertise to those who have the problem of ants in their homes.

It might be even worse when other types of ants, for instance, red ants, come into play as aside from their troublesome behavior, they bite also.

The common DIY technique is through reliable ant repellants but if that isn't working out as you wish, our professional team will see you through the process in no time and eliminate the danger according to your choice from the recommended options, anywhere, across Maroochydore.

Bed Bugs Control Solution

Bed bugs are a bothersome lot and they're potentially harmful to your health. If you are located in Sunshine Coast, you got The Issue Of Bed Bugs and you've been seeking for a suitable solution then our team members are here to serve you.

These tiny however damaging insects are found in different parts however they can hide behind picture frames, covers, wallpapers, and baseboards.

Just what our team can do is actually they're able to visit your house and also take notice of the problematic areas keenly and then they will give you the most relevant remedy.

Bedbugs could be moving around in your home in the hidden areas however if you simply have doubt of bedbugs then do not ignore this issue.

You shouldn't wait for the multiplying of such pests however, you should pinpoint the issue just from the beginning. We are Maroochydore based company and our team members provide the most suitable methods so that you'll be able to eliminate bugs permanently.

Bees and wasps

You will often worried to look at a wasp or a bee flying over your head.

Fortunately, one of our numerous specialties is preventing these types of stinging pests.

Both inspecting and also controlling a bee or wasp infestation is certain for clients all over Sunshine Coast.

Their danger to health and normally awkward presence is the power behind our multiple approaches to handle them and also stop an all-out attack from the infestation.

Cockroach control treatment

Aside from the various disease cockroaches bring, they usually are, the most repelled pests to ever exist.

If you are seeking for an appropriate approach to eliminate cockroaches from your home entirely then you have visited the right place.

Cockroaches don't enter your house via doors however they come from sewage and water drainage system.

Despite there being such a nuisance, we are professionals and our team members ensure that our method of controlling them would be both beneficial and eco-friendly as well as risk-free.

Flea Prevention

These kinds of pests generally find the way to your home by attaching themselves with your pets and other animals.

If you feel extreme itchiness or infection on your body then it may be a cause of the bite of a flea.

We're here to provide you the ideal solution to make your home fleas-free.

This kind of flies look really terrifying and even these may carry numerous diseases for example salmonella.

You should not wait for fleas to grow in number but you should instantly contact us if you see a single one.

Silverfish Treatment

Many of you could not know these unwanted pests live in dark areas generally.

If you are fed up of using DIY techniques and are searching for a certain solution then don't worry.

You won't see even a single silverfish at your house. once we will have finished the process of silverfish elimination.

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Spiders control treatment

Spiders are the pests that are present in every house as they find many ways to enter there.

Even though the majority of spiders are quite safe except their bothersome webs, there exists some that could deliver really venomous bites that require quick medical assistance.

We have the team of highly professional people who can analyze your house and can pick the best strategies to eliminate spiders.

Spiders need to be eliminated from your home completely if you want to steer clear of the health risk associated with them.

Techniques for eliminating Mice and Rodents

Mice and Rodents are actually dangerous not only for your health but also for your property.

When they come in your homes, they can really create a big mess all-around.

If you would like to make your house Rodents and Mice free then no other can offer better services than us.

These pests are usually disliked by almost everyone.

Would you like to have your food infected by the mice! Off course, not!

It may be challenging for you to remove rats from your home because you aren't an expert but we can deliver the most effective services in connection with this.

These pests are a major problem for businesses and homes alike, across Maroochydore and also beyond.

The basic trap setups work well but only for the short term, till another arrives and an infestation occurs. If you wish to reduce the risk to your health and you want to keep the property and also clothing safe then think about eliminating Rodents as quickly as possible.

If you wish to eliminate Mice completely then calling a professional is essential.

We offer eco-friendly and also a permanent solution to remove Rodents and also Mice from your home.

Snake control

If you notice a snake around or in your house, you wouldn't have the ability to control yourself from shouting.

You must understand that all types of snakes usually are not risky. However, this is a matter that you must not ignore simply because you have no idea which shake hurts and which one is safe.

If you care about your family then you must contact a specialist immediately and we are helping all-around Maroochydore.

There's no need to wait and to raise the risk but give us a call at the moment, you find a snake in your home. Snakes will no more exist there around or in your house once you will have contacted us.

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Termite / White Ant Inspections & Treatments

Termites are never a wanted pest. Termites tend to be undetectable until the later stages of damage. Termites also cause an unmeasurable amount of destruction to your homes & commercial building.

These dangerous pests are capable of taking an entire home down. Keeping protected from an infestation would be best.

With the assistance from our termite barrier & inspections, you're taking the first giant step to properly solving the possible termite issue.

After our inspection process has been completed, hopefully, we find no evidence of a termite infestation, Sunshine Coast Pest Control will present you with an effective termite treatment plan.

That is why our talented team provides white ant inspections. Our Experts thoroughly & accurately go through your home or business for any evidence of an infestation.


These white, worm-like insects, although abhorred for being terrible, can be very dangerous when in large numbers.

These pests enter your house from very unclean areas and that is why these increase the risk to your health.

Dealing with Maggots is not a problem for us as we own necessary equipment along with the knowledge to remove them from your home.

What Maggots can do is, in fact, to spread germs around the food that can make you ill when you will consume it. Maggots spread in number very rapidly so take the action soon and call us so we can make the strategy based on the situation.

These are the pests that are hidden for a common eye but our professionals will find out where they're concealing at your house .. We're based in Maroochydore and not only we will eliminate these pests but we will give you suggestions to keep your home Maggots free in future.


Mosquitoes commonly appear during the night and annoy you by biting and therefore affect the quality of your sleep.

You will really get irritated when you are outdoors and you see mosquitoes all around.

If you are irritated of Mosquito issue then there is no need to tolerate them any longer but we are here to clear out them choosing the most suitable technique out of many.

Almost everyone in this world is aware of Mosquitoes. These irritating pests have a direct impact on your health with every bite causing them to be quite dangerous.

We've been delivering very suitable solutions to clear the area in and around your house from Mosquitoes.

A common method to eliminate mosquitoes is by pesticide sprays but that is not an eco-friendly approach.

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