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Aside from their highly unsightly nature, you must also be aware of our dangerous bees and wasps can be. However, here are a few details about wasps and bees that you may find helpful.

In Australia, there are well over 11,000 species of Wasps, and they are usually identified through size or colour. Bees are also not left out in this variety as there are about 25,000 bee species across the globe.

There is no need to detail their specific botanical names and identities; the most important factor you must consider is that you do not want them to nest in or around your property.

Bees and wasps are different, and the significant difference lies in the fact that a wasp can sting repeatedly.

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A wasp is most probably not only going to deliver multiple and excruciatingly painful stings but is also going to release scent chemicals that will alert other wasps in the colony to attack the prey, which is most probably, a human.

They are known to be accustomed to entering cans and drinks of soft drinks, which make their danger even more potent as you can imagine what happens if they’re swallowed.

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On the other hand, Bees have a dull yellow colour on their bodies, complemented with black stripes about their body.

Usually found to nest at high heights like trees and wall craters and various other places.

As disturbing as reading about bees and wasps might be, you should be fully equipped and prepared to take them out, cautiously and professionally.

It is an absolute danger to do anything yourself, and that is where we come in.

With the help of our experienced staff, we will ensure professional tools and modern technology together with the required practical knowledge that you never have to suffer or fear bees and wasps nesting in your home or business premises.

How to help yourself against bees and wasps?

There are a few basic strategies and safe actions you could take to prevent bees from nesting in your home or commercial building;

  • Ensure your external environment is as clean and tidy as possible with well-kept gardens and chopped grass.
  • Your internal environment should follow suit and be kept clean with no irregularly disposed accumulation of dirt and waste.
  • Do not leave open cans or bottles outside.
  • Do not approach a bee or wasp nest. If you notice one; j, st call us.

What to do if you suffer a sting?

In a case where things get bad, and you get stung, before you call us, there are some things you can do that will ensure you’re on your way to quick recovery;

  • Immediately get away from the environment you stung to avoid attracting the colony.
  • Get rid of any stingers left by the bee or wasp.
  • Wash stung area gently with soap and water.
  • To reduce swelling, apply a cold compress to the stung area.
  • Take some aspirin to reduce the pain and call for medical attention if still uncomfortable.

You shouldn't let it get to this by contacting us to eliminate any bee or wasp problem you might have in your home or workplace.

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