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The sight of bees and wasps can turn any alphabetical picnic into a buzzing nightmare. But have you ever considered how hazardous they can actually be?

Australia is a wildlife wonderland, playing host to an astounding 11,000 species of wasps. Globally, there’s an impressive array of bees, rounding up to a staggering 25,000 species. This is not to bore you with entomology trivia, but it is just a gentle reminder that their wide variety amplifies their potential threat.

What’s important to note is you don’t want them turning your property into their Airbnb! Especially knowing that wasps are repeat offenders, capable of unleashing relentless stings. Unlike bees, showing some shred of mercy after the first sting, wasps redefine the term’ pain in the neck.’

Bees & Wasp Removal Sunshine Coast

But wait, there’s more! Wasps get their fellow colony members in on the action, releasing chemicals that essentially scream “dinner’s ready!” And guess who’s on the menu? Yup, it could be you! How do they enter our space? Well, that neglected can of Coke in your backyard is an open invite.

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Now, while bees are not as sinister, they can still dampen your day if they take a liking to your poolside barbeque. Often seen sporting fashionable black stripes on their dull yellow bodies, they seek out lofty homes like trees and wall craters.

Despite the chills running down your spine right now, knowing how to handle these buzzing menaces is crucial. D.I.Y.? not! That’s where we at Sunshine Coast Pest Control step in.

Our experienced team, armed with the most advanced tools and endless wisdom, ensures your homes and businesses stay a no-fly zone for bees and wasps.

Fend Off these Stinging Invaders

Preventing uninvited guests is always easier than managing a buzzing house party. Here are some tips to keep your surroundings less attractive to wasps and bees:

  • Maintain a clean outdoor and indoor area, including well-tended gardens and lawns.
  • Please don’t make your backyard a can bank; keep it free of open bottles or cans.
  • Avoid establishing a rapport with a nest; call us at the first sight of one.

Handle the Sting before it Swells

Unfortunately, if you do get stung, remain calm! (Easy to say, we know.) Here’s what you should do before seeking professional help:

  • Exit stage left, pronto! Avoid aggravating the buzzing horde.
  • Remove any lodged stingers with care.
  • Wash the sting site with soap and water.
  • Apply a cold compress to manage the swelling.
  • Pop an aspirin to keep the pain at bay and seek medical attention if discomfort persists.

Of course, the best defence against these buzzing pests is a great offence. You won’t even get to the sting stage when we’re caring for your property. Give us a call to keep your backyard a bee and wasp-free oasis.

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