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Anyone who has seen these pests can say without a doubt that, out of all the small pests across sunshine coast, maggots are the most irritating ones.

This white, wormy creature is usually found in non-hygienic regions in a building and feed on, basically, leftovers, which includes dead animals, wastes and old meat.

Maggots Control Sunshine Coast

Their danger to pets and humans alike is quite potent and undeniable but getting rid of them by yourself can be uncomfortable and difficult and that is why you need the help of a professional in the field to completely get rid of them and provide specific advice to ensure they do not return.

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Information on Maggots

The small worms with slender body structure and the creamy color are quite easy to recognize or notice.

They are formed by flies that lay their eggs where they believe is convenient for the maggot to survive, then, the eggs develop into larvae, which is the maggot and after the pupal stage, they finally become flies that lay eggs and the process restarts.

This should show you how easy it is for these pests to increase exponentially until they become unbearable. Aside from their unsightly nature, they can also bring about health risks for pests and humans alike.

They are associated majorly with a parasitic infestation referred to as myiasis. It involves the infestation of live tissue by fly larvae that feed on the host (majorly animals) as it grows.

The potential danger they pose as well as the sight of them being irritating is obviously going to be a disturbance in your home and especially in your workplace. That is why our specialists are keen to provide you with efficient and long-lasting maggot control services.

How to prevent maggots

This will basically be achieved if you can prevent flies from your home so here are a few tips to help;

  • Ensure you have proper waste management strategies which involve immediately cleaning up litters and leftovers as well as proper waste disposal.
  • Store your foods in airtight containers to keep them from attracting pests.
  • Clean up dog droppings, if any, from your yard.
  • Empty your garbage cans regularly and make use of bleach to clean it up every once in a while.
  • Your pet’s food is also a location for laying eggs to them so ensure you change the food fully and cover-up when your pet’s not going to eat it yet.

How to get rid of maggots

The two most reliable methods are either to get rid of flies from your home as effectively as possible and contact a professional to get rid of them for you.

Both of these services are offered by us in the highest standard of professionalism. We will not only get rid of the irritating maggots from your property but we will investigate why they came to be in the first place and provide control strategies that will ensure they never return to your home again.

So, the moment you spot a maggots breeding in your home, do not hesitate to contact us.

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