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Do you suspect there could be an ongoing pest attack on your home, or you would like to confirm their presence and take necessary action?

We are here to help. Truth be told, your home probably has an ample amount of food source and comfort for termites to breed in, and such is the case for virtually every home across the Sunshine Coast.

Termite Treatment Sunshine Coast

Taking practical action and contacting a professional is highly beneficial for your health and the home’s general welfare and saves you from unnecessary financial expenditures.

Our pest control professionals have been organized to realise the dream of a pest-free home or commercial property.

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Why do you need termite treatment and control services?

If this question has crossed your mind, then we will have you know that aside from the basic knowledge you have about how dangerous termites can be, allow us to enlighten you on the exact details of their destructive prowess.

From studies, it has been confirmed that an average colony of termites will consume about 5gms of wood in your property and are fully capable of bringing down an entire building by significantly damaging its foundations and structure beyond repair.

Aside from their damages to your property, it is also quite difficult to determine if your property is infested, then to take action against them by yourself, and most insurance companies do not cover damages caused by termites.

This will weigh heavily on your financial status if left unattended before it is too late. We will help you inspect and eradicate these termites with convenient and efficient methods.

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What are the treatment methods?

There are generally three common and effective methods professionals like us will make use of;

  • Physical Treatment- This basically entails using a direct approach against the termites. We will physically locate and take out the whole nest of termites. Simply put, we will destroy the termites using physical but cautious means.
  • Chemical Treatment- This method is applied when the nest can be pinpointed but is inaccessible. We will apply termiticides strategically and according to the termite infestation intensity.
  • Indirect Treatment- Generally applied when termite activity cannot be located. We will use baits and specified, registered termiticides to efficiently eliminate the colonies.

These methods are generally efficient and are non-destructive to your homes and commercial properties.

Also, they will be carried out by experts who have successfully made use of them enough to guarantee getting rid of the termites completely.

What can you do to prevent and help yourself against a termite infestation?

To not leave you out of the process and to arm you against these destructive pests, here are some tips you should key into;

  • Avoid heaping up wood logs over an extended period of time and around your property.
  • Ensure your wooden objects are kept out of contact with the soil.
  • Make sure to keep your property leak-free and avoid water accumulation in and about your property.

These are only a few tips, but they are sure to prevent the termites from easy access to your homes.

However, if you are unsure or you notice a hollow seeming wood or mud holes in the similitude of small brown straws, you might have termites, and you should take action fast by contacting our expert termite control services.

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