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First of all, it is important to plainly state that spiders are actually important to the ecosystem of Australia in general because of their eating habits that comprise insects majorly.

However, their contribution to the environment, obviously, does not make it okay or comfortable for these pests to share your home or work environment with you.

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Although some spiders are harmless and are only nuisances because of their webbing, there are about 35,000 species of spiders in the world and a few thousand across Australia.

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For these pests to be controlled and excluded from your home or work premises, you need to understand a few things about them.

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Spider habits and identification

Knowing that there are so many species of spiders in Australia, it might prove quite difficult to ascertain the exact species of spider effectively.

However, two major ones need to be known and avoided, namely, the Redback and the Sydney Funnel-web spiders, both of which deliver excruciating pain to humans with their bites that, if not appropriately immediately treated, could lead to loss of life.

Spiders are easy to recognize with their eight legs and singular eyes with lenses. Spider bite tends to be very painful, although majorly not life-threatening.

Aside from the redback and Funnel-web spiders, the White-tailed spider, Mouse spider, Blackhouse spider, Golden orb spider, among other spiders in Australia, can deliver a bite that hurts a lot.

Also, the spider has a high tendency to stay underwater for extended periods of time, so if you have a pool, it's best not to assume any spider seen underwater is dead.

Spiders find dark corners, crevices, and areas comfortable so, if they are webbing spiders, they create webs and only attack when touched or startled.

So, if you can’t bear to have your home with webs in different areas or you wish to take preventive or curative actions to keep the pests from harming you or your loved one, as well as your business reputation, do not hesitate to contact us quickly.

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