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There are millions of kinds of insects which are present in our planet.

All of these can cause an immense level of damage to both your health and also your property, anywhere in Maleny. They tend to be in invisible places or come in large numbers but, basically, they are dangerous and eradicating them is not an easy task for some.

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With us, however, there won't be any need to worry as we apply a very reliable and sensible approach to solving these kinds of insect problems and it consists of; inspection of the atmosphere to determine entry ways, signs of infestation and concealing places.

Identification of the particular variety of insect, implementing a possible technique to fix the issue effectively and monitoring the environment for a while to ensure effectiveness and peace of mind.

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Sunshine Coast Pest Control is commited about providing high quality services & unmatched products at the lowest prices, Have a look at our other locations our team go to daily: Moodlu, Stanmore, Ilkley, Kings Beach, The team even goes to Forest Glen. Contact the team right now. As locals our team can be there quickly.

Household Ant Treatment

Ants are usually small insects however you shouldn't tolerate to have them at your house. In addition to that, they easily ruin foods which may, in turn, affect your health.

Our services are geared towards ensuring this does not happen by utilizing tailor-made removal and elimination strategies.

There are numerous kinds of ants just like red ants that can give you bad bites.

The typical DIY technique is through trusted ant repellants but if that isn't working out as you would like, our professional team might find you through the process in no time and remove the threat according to your choice from the recommended options, anywhere, across Maleny.

Bed bugs treatment

Have you felt the bite of something while sleeping in your bed? Well, it can be a bite of a bedbug. If you have been living in Sunshine Coast, you got The Issue Of Bed Bugs and you've been looking for suitable treatment then we are here to serve you.

Usually present in bed frames and sometimes, box springs, these bothersome insects could be unhealthy for your health in several ways.

Our expert staff, however, have no issue in examining your home for a pests attack, implementing a solution if there is one, and also monitoring the site which has been worked for some time to be certain the remedy was permanent.

Your property shouldn't be the home for bedbugs and only an expert knows exactly where these types of pests could be concealing at your residence.

Just how much embarrassed you would feel if some friends visit your home and they discover a bedbug! Individuals from anywhere around Maleny can call us if the army of bed bugs has attacked their home.

Treatment for Bees and Wasps

You will normally worried to look at a wasp or a bee flying over your head.

Luckily, one of our numerous expertise in handling these kinds of biting insects.

Both examining as well as preventing a bee or wasp pests is guaranteed for customers throughout Sunshine Coast.

Bees and particularly wasps are certainly clever and may bite you when you would be busy in some activity.

We offer the most genuine approach to remove these kinds of unwanted pests from your home in an attempt to save your health.

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Termite Inspections

White Ants are not what you want to get. They tend to be undetectable until very late. Termites can also cause an unmeasurable amount of destruction for your house and commercial building.

With the guidance & assistance from our termite barrier & inspection services, you are taking the first giant step to finally fixing your possible termite problem.

That's why our skilled team offers inspection services. Sunshine Coast Pest Control thoroughly & accurately inspect your home or business for any evidence of white ants. Our local team of experts will come up with a proven solution, Sunshine Coast Pest Control offers efficient physical and chemical barriers.

If no trace of an infestation is found, it's suggested to set up Termite Barriers. Whether it is a chemical or physical barrier, we will develop preventive measures for your home.

Solution to remove Cockroach

On one side, cockroaches are dangerous for your health and on the other side, they are very frightening.

However hard it may be to the untrained eye, with our solutions, your desires for a cockroach-free home is completely within your reach.

Cockroaches are usually annoying pests that usually carry germs through their own body and legs which might be really dangerous and they are common vectors of various diseases like Typhoid, Cholera and so on.

Commonly, they are present in washrooms and they enter your home by means of sewage lines.

Our expert team members will not even leave a single cockroach in your house as they will select the right approach to eliminate them.

Treatment for eliminating Flea

These kinds of unwanted pests usually find their way to your house by hanging themselves to your pets and even other animals.

If you sense extreme itching or even infection on your body then it may be a reason behind the bite of a flea.

Our expertise is geared towards ensuring you don't have to worry about this because we develop a comprehensive process to deal with the flea problem and end it effectively.

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Silverfish Treatment

Silverfish can be there in your house in attic areas, basement and also other dark places.

There are lots of options which you can use on your own but those aren't so effective.

What we are doing is actually to produce the most effective strategy that really works to remove silverfish from your home.

Spiders control treatment

You might see spiders in your house especially if you don't do the dusting for several days,

Although most spiders are very harmless except their bothersome webs, there exists some that could deliver really venomous bites that require quick medical treatment.

We have the staff of extremely professional members who can analyze your home and can pick the best strategies to remove spiders.

Strategies for removing Mice and Rodents

Considered to be one of the leading problems of many householders all over the world and Sunshine Coast is not an exception, rodents are usually risky to health and property alike.

When they come in your homes, they can really create a big mess all-around.

However, with us at your service, these rodents and mice will be controlled and also taken out of your home with effectiveness and the best possible speed.

It may be challenging for you to eliminate rats from your home because you aren't a professional but we can provide the best solutions in this connection.

What we do is actually to eliminate rats from your home first and then to close all their entrances.

We're delivering Mice eliminating solutions to everywhere around Maleny and also other areas of Sunshine Coast.

If you want to get rid of Mice entirely then calling an expert is important.

Snake eliminating techniques

Have you got snakes in your backyard, home or in some rocky area around your home?

There is no need to worry, although there are a large number of venomous snakes, there is also a high chance they are undamaging. However, you shouldn't sit calm after seeing a snake in your house.

It is, therefore, important to contact a professional to handle the issue without endangering your well-being. We will provide you the most economical and also guaranteed solution to remove snakes.

Maggots prevention

These white, worm-like bugs, although abhorred for being ugly, can be quite dangerous when in large numbers.

These types of pests enter your home from very unclean places and that is why these increase the risk to your health.

We've expertise in bug control and we are equipped with innovative techniques to handle the issue of these pests.

What Maggots can do is actually to disperse germs around the food that can make you ill when you will consume it. It is best to stop them before it gets to this level and we are the best people for the job.


These frustrating unwanted pests are usually famous for the wrong reasons as they tend to cause quite the damage to your health along with a terrible bite.

Commonly found outdoors, they tend to make the outdoors really uncomfortable.

There isn't any substitute for our solutions because we are certainly professional to manage several types of pests including Mosquitoes.

Just about everyone on this planet is aware of Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes inject harmful germs into your bodies via their bites and can result in serious diseases such as Malaria, temperature, and many more.

It is, therefore, important for you to have an effective protective measure against them.

We have been providing very appropriate solutions to clear the area close to your home from Mosquitoes.

We are going to make use of products and methods which will remove many of these pests without causing serious uncomfortableness as some would do with a lot of pesticide spraying.

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