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The mosquito menace has been ongoing for ages, but only a few of us have successfully used traditional swatting techniques to get rid of them.

The other set of people who have been successful in eliminating these annoying pests is those who have made use of insecticides professional control services.

These blood-feeding insects are a complete nuisance that causes a serious amount of irritation to humans and animals alike and carries diseases and illnesses with their painful bites.

Mosquitoes Sunshine Coast

They are known to be one of the most tenacious insects in Australia as they are difficult to kill. Still, fortunately, there is an effective and uniform way to eradicate the mosquito menace from your homes or business premises, and that is not from using insecticides, although effective, is not as total and efficient as through professional control services, which we offer at high professional standards.

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Just how dangerous are mosquitoes?

If this question has crossed your mind, we will have you know that their painful bites are not the end of the story to how dangerous they are.

For pregnant women, it’s the worse as it can lead to a variety of congenital disabilities and birth loss. For children, it can transmit various mosquito-borne diseases like the Ross River Virus disease, among other diseases. Older people have a weaker immunity to diseases, so that that mosquito bites can be quite deadly to them.

Also, some people are actually allergic to mosquito bites.

Identifying mosquitoes and what attracts them?

Obviously, waiting for them to bite you is not a very fun or safe way to identify mosquitoes.

However, identifying them through any other means is quite difficult as you could confuse them for other insects, but their scaly wings are their most distinguishing attribute.

As for what attracts them, you can basically pin it all on the water and temperature.

Water helps them increase quickly, which is why they are so attracted to breed wherever you find stagnant water or water in gutters and ditches. The hot temperature of an area also gives mosquitoes more comfort to breed.

Keeping mosquitoes away

As you would expect, most preventive tips are based on keeping your home and workplaces as clean as possible and closing up doors and windows during the evenings.

How will we fix the mosquito problem?

Our approach will start with us inspecting your property for the cause of infestation and immediately treating it to effectively prevent mosquitoes.

We will also proffer specific advice to ensure the cause does not arise again. Then, our professional staff will use effective and non-destructive products and equipment to treat the existing mosquito problems in your property.

Finally, for your property to not recess into an infestation, we will be conducting occasional maintenance and treatments on your property.

So, if you require mosquito treatment services for your property on Sunshine Coast, do not hesitate to contact us.

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