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In order for you to take the necessary measures to prevent a silverfish infestation in your property as well as to understand how these creatures are pests in Australia, you need some background information and that is exactly what this article is for.

Silverfish Sunshine Coast

Domestic silverfishes are common throughout Australia and they tend to find homes conducive enough for them to breed and therefore, unleash their destructive feeding habits on your household items like books, plasters and basically anything that contains starch or cellulose.

They are not to be considered regular nuisances as that will, gradually lead to an unnecessary amount of loss and expenses.

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Everything you need to know about silverfish

These pests are actually capable of surviving in varying conditions and environments in Australia, however, high humidity regions are where they thrive.

They can be found in dark or damp areas of your property like the cupboards, kitchens, basements, attics and the likes.

These pests are nocturnal by nature and are also quick in motion, making them difficult to see. They are however characterized by a pale-silvery color and their wingless bodies that is about 14mm-16mm long.

The common sign people have of their presence in homes is when they find their clothes with some small, irregularly created holes on it.

Other ways to notice them is through the skin cast they leave behind when they shed skins as well as the yellowish stains on cellulose or starch-containing item in your home like fabric, cardboard and cereal boxes among other things.

Their entry paths to your home can differ largely but they are commonly brought in from external sources like papers, books, and the likes, that have been infested already.

They multiply quite easily, so, an infestation from these guys is not something to overlook.

It is therefore expedient that these pests do not have a chance to wreak their havoc on your household through our professional silverfish treatment. Contact us today!

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