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Commonly referred to as ‘fish moth’, the silverfish is a pest that got its name from its fishlike structure and its pattern of motion, which is also fishlike and its silver/grey colour.

They are usually found in difficult to reach places like your ceilings, basements, attics and sometimes even under sinks, bathtubs and the likes.

They are fast and small, making them difficult to spot and, thus, difficult to eradicate unless you already have a comprehensive knowledge of them.

They are quite dangerous for your home or workplace as they feed on anything containing carbohydrates like cereals and sugar and things like wallpapers and clothes due to the presence of starch in them.

Silverfish Treatment Sunshine Coast

It is therefore imperative to have, within your reach, a professional in the treatment and control of silverfishes in your home or workplace, and as such, we are here to provide you with such services. With the help of our expert staff, any further or potential damage from silverfishes will be halted effectively.

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Necessary Information on Silverfish

Aside from the fact that they can feed on more than the previously listed materials in your homes, it is relieving to know that they cannot directly cause too much damage to humans.

However, their lessened animosity against humans does not mean their indirect damage is inconsiderable. Suthep can be active for up to 7 years. You c with suitable environmental conditions easily visualize just how immense their damage will be if uncontrolled, especially since they can lay multiple eggs at a time and per day.

They are usually about 1cm-2cm in length and have a long, slim body structure and antennae on their broad head, all wrapped in uniform silver colour. Their presence also gradually attracts other pests that feed on them to your homes.

Signs of an infestation

You must be able to spot these signs before they cause damage on your property that will require unnecessarily large financial expenditures. Here are a few trusted signs of their presence or an infestation;

  • Silverfishes are probably around if there are some irregularly shaped tears in cloths.
  • A brownish-yellow blemish on your fabrics.
  • They are attracted to glue in book linens and wallpapers, so when it starts getting lost, or there are some haphazard holes on it, it might be silverfishes.
  • They are also attracted to dandruff so that they may be feeding on your head at night.

Preventive measures against silverfishes

However, some helpful tips can help keep silverfishes away;

  • Store your foods in airtight or sealed containers.
  • Fix all water leakages in your home or workplace to reduce the moisture level.
  • The use of air conditioners or fans is also helpful.
  • Use your vacuum cleaners on cracks and cavities in your home or workplace, as it may also get rid of other pests who hide out in such places.

The difficulty in spotting them and getting rid of them can be tasking, but, fortunately, you don’t have to worry as our trained and experienced staff are keen to not only eliminate the silverfish pest but block all entryways and provide professional advice for long-lasting freedom from them.

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