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Australia has been studied to have well over 10,000 wasps that range in damage and size from the small diapriid wasp to the cicada-killer wasps that can take down a large-sized animal.

The most famous and dangerous species is the European wasp, which has certainly become a serious problem because of the lack of natural predators on these insects in Australia.

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Homes and businesses must be meticulous and organized not to harbour a wasp nest as the damage, aside from being unsightly and disturbing, can equally lead to loss of life if proper action is not taken.

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Identification and Habits

Identifying the various species is unnecessary as the most common of them, including the European wasp, look relatively the same.

Their appearance is characterized by an 11-16mm length with the queen extending up to 20mm and a size similar to that of a regular bee and two long antennae. Also, their bodies are majorly yellow, all the way to their legs with some markings on them, and for European wasps, some triangularly shaped patterns on them.

They build their nests from wood pulp and saliva that has been chewed, usually located at a distance above the ground or in holes in the ground that are sheltered or concealed areas.

You can also find the nests in garbage heaps, around tree bases or heaps of muck or compost.


Proper sanitation should do the trick for sanitation. This includes not leaving any food, drink and even garbage exposed or unattended to and in the case of garbage, make sure to dispose properly and keep them in tight, fitting lids.

In the case of an infestation, the best course of action is to not engage in any form of contact and immediately contact us to get rid of the wasps safely and efficiently and provide you with specific tips to ensure they do not return.

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