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You surely must have encountered the incredibly annoying and irritating menace referred to as a fly from swatting one or a few away over and over again.

They are characterized in homes for never wanting to leave the moment they make their way in.

They are, obviously, a major source of exasperation in homes but they are even more terrible for commercial business owners as the simple presence of flies in your workplace can potentially be a horrendous occurrence, causing a decline in reputation, hygienic status and sometimes run-ins with the law.

Flies Control Sunshine Coast

The regular swatting must be tiresome to you but it's not like you can manage to have flies move around your homes and workplaces, landing on food, your body and basically any surface they can find and spreading out some diseases and bacteria ad well.

That is why we have put together a team of professionals that will assist you with any and all services that will ensure flies are kept away and out of your homes and business premises.

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Information on flies and why you need a professional pest control personnel

The variety of pests in Australia is of a very wide range that includes;

  • house flies
  • bluebottle flies
  • fruit flies
  • cluster flies
  • drain flies
  • lacewings flies
  • flesh flies
  • bush flies
  • variety of others

All of them have one thing in common which is their ability to carry diseases and infections and deposit them on pests and humans alike.

If you are trying to confirm an infestation from flies in your property, aside from the obvious signal of flies visibly swarming your property and constantly bothering you, maggots are definite signs of flies that hatched from eggs in the area.

Also, small dark spots close to drains, under sinks, in corners and nooks around your property is a sure signal of breeding flies in your property.

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Keeping flies out

These tips, followed duly, will effectively reduce fly presence and risk of infestation;

  • Maintain a good level of overall interior and exterior tidiness.
  • Keep away flowering plants from being within your home or commercial building’s doorway environ as flies easily absorb energy from them.
  • Regular waste management which entails proper garbage disposal and cleaning up spills and litres in your property immediately.
  • Regular disinfection of gutters and internal drains, ensuring they are not clogged.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are kept closed as much as possible.

Our professional approach

In order to effectively get rid of flies and keep them away from your home or commercial premises, our professionals have the necessary experience, skills and modern technology that will aid in the eradication of flies.

The basic summary of our approach consists of first, investigation and identification of the location and species of flies, then, we make use of specific but suitable exclusion and restriction strategies and equipment to keep the flies and ensure all entry points are covered.

Finally, we make use of convenient chemical or non-chemical methods to effectively eliminate the flies in your workplace or home.

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