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Commonly referred to as Wood Lice or Pillbugs, these creatures are worm-like and are usually found in the garden.

If you have scraped off some mulch in your garden or lifted some potted plants to see what’s underneath, then you may have seen some slaters.

Slaters Sunshine Coast

They are generally beneficial for garden growth because of their nature as scavengers, which implies they will feed on organic matter and, in turn, recycle nutrients and build up the soil.

They are actually physically harmless to humans, but this is no reason to leave an infestation as a gratuitous issue because they are pests.

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Everything you need to know about pests

Wood Lice are commonly grey in colour, and sometimes there is a strain of brown to their colour with length ranging from 3mm up to 30mm.

They are easily distinguishable from other insects because of their most notable characteristic, their shells which they occasionally shed to have a controlled growth process.

To be exact, you can’t even classify Slaters as insects because they are isopod crustaceans, and they are the first ones to be crustaceans but still live on land.

These pests thrive anywhere that contains sufficient moisture, and that is why they can find their way into your homes. If they happen to enter your home, they, unlike other insects, will not cause direct harm to humans and won’t spread diseases or contaminate foods.

However, an infestation from these pests is not something you should risk for two reasons particularly;

  • A slater infestation in your home or business instigates that there might be an unattended dampness problem in the property.
  • Also, they are likely to feed on rotting wood, hastening any unrepaired problem with timber or girders in your property.

Aside from these, slaters are quite unsightly and irritating so, it is of good essence if our professional pest control staff help you get rid of them, ensuring they do not gain access to your home or workplace again.

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