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Although most snakes in and around Australian homes are non-venomous, nobody wants to encounter these slithering guests, whether at home or in the office. Their presence can cause an array of issues, the least of which is potential harm to the premises.

Snake Removal Sunshine Coast

The removal of snakes is a job best left to the professionals. Why risk your safety when you could choose peace of mind? Instead of tangling with these potential troublemakers, give us a ring.

At Sunshine Coast Pest Control, our squad of seasoned experts stands ready to answer any snake removal call across our sunny coast.

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A bit about our scaly visitors

While snakes may appear frightening, most prefer to avoid human interaction. They tend to lash out when startled or provoked—and their attack can pack a punch, venomous or not.

Their distinctive slim, scaly figure and how they slither are hard to miss. Identifying different snake species can be tricky, but it is crucial information if removal is the aim. After all, you would not want to confuse a benign basker with a venomous viper.

Our professionals bring knowledge about different snake species, their behaviours, and effective capture and removal techniques, all backed by years of experience in the field.

Keeping snakes at bay: An ounce of prevention...

Beyond calling in professionals when snakes appear, you can also keep them at a distance with some simple strategies:

  • Maintain your outdoor spaces: keep grass short and gardens tidy.
  • Utilise general pest control services like ours to eliminate potential snake food sources.
  • Store foods in pest-proof containers.
  • Keep your yards free of refuse piles and debris.
  • Close off external crevices and cracks with fine mesh.
  • Uphold high levels of cleanliness in and around your home and office.

In the unlikely event of spotting a snake, you’ll be safe if you:

  • Keep a safe distance.
  • Ensure your pets are secure.
  • Monitor its location from afar, if possible.
  • Contact us for prompt removal.

How do we escort the uninvited back to the wild?

It’s important to remember that snakes play a crucial role in local ecosystems, helping to control rodent populations. As per the law, any captured snake must be released into parkland approximately 5km from the capture location.

At Sunshine Coast Pest Control, we are dedicated to humanely removing snakes from your property while respecting our native wildlife. Our expertly trained staff are here to help you regain your peace of mind.

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