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The fact that majority of snakes found in or around Australia homes are actually non-venomous, obviously, does not make it a comfortable feeling to have those slithering creatures around your household and the case is worse for business owners as any pest found in the vicinity of the workplace can lead to a variety of problems for that business aside from potential physical damage.

Snake Removal Sunshine Coast

Getting rid of snakes requires adequate knowledge as well as experience so it is advisable to not engage in any form of physical interaction if you should spot a snake, instead, call an expert.

We have an experienced team of experts, equipped and ready to attend to any snake removal request you might have, across sunshine coast.

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All you need to know about snakes

It is beneficial that you know that the aim of most snakes is to frighten you and almost all snakes, generally avoid contact with humans in any way, except they are provoked or startled, in which case they tend to attack.

Their attack is, as you should know, quite lethal and painful, venomous or not.

Their slender and scaly body with their slow, slithering motion needs no introduction so you should be able to recognize one if you see one. The only problem you might have in recognizing them is identification, which is quite important if you wish to remove them as you do not know the characteristics of each snake as well as if they are venomous or not.

Our professionals have, not only a vast amount of knowledge on various types and behavioral pattern of snakes as well as different capture and removal methods but also a good amount of experience in the process itself.

Control and safety strategies

The basic things you can do to keep snakes away from your home or workplace includes;

  • Keeping your grass cut and lawns mowed as well as a well-groomed garden.
  • Have good, general pest control services (of which we offer), to eliminate all pest food source from your property.
  • Store your foods in pest-proof containers
  • Clear up your yards off refuse piles and debris like iron sheeting.
  • Covering up external crevices and cracks with fine mesh will help keep them away.
  • Maintain a good level of hygiene in and around your home or workplace.

Being safe when you spot one is achieved if you;

  • Keep a secure distance from the snake.
  • Make sure your pets are safe.
  • Keep tabs on its location from a distance.
  • Contact us to remove them quickly.

How we’ll get rid of snakes?

It is important, firstly, to note that snakes actually contribute greatly to the ecosystem and assist you, indirectly, with eliminating pests like rats and mice.

Also, the law necessitates that after capture, the snake is to be released in parkland at about 5km of the capture location.

Our aim is simply to remove any and all snakes in your property or in your surroundings and we achieve that with the help of our specialized staff.

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