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Most people tend to associate flea problems with concerns for their pets, and meanwhile, although fleas tend to prefer feeding on cat and dog blood, they can also feed on human blood.

They are small, parasitic and wingless insects of the order Siphonaptera. At adulthood, a flea should range between 2-5mm in length and are usually brown in colour and shaped roundly to the naked eye.

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Their small size and sturdy hind legs in jumping great distances make it quite difficult to be seen or identified.

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Aside from the previously listed features of fleas, if you would like to inspect your home for fleas, you probably should start with your pets.

Your pets might start recurrently scratching their body, losing hair rapidly and becoming quite fidgety and restless. This is most probably because of fleas.

You can also inspect your carpets and pet’s bedding for fleas or flea dirt which is similar to coffee grounds. To test if whatever you found was flea dirt, put it in water; turning red means its flea dirt.

Professionals like us can do other methods of inspection.


Generally, fleas become a serious snag when their ideal food source is not accessible or available.

The common cause for flea infestation is pets dying or buildings with locations where pets used to be before, and they can stay growing in hidden corners and carpets for up to a year.

Because of this, you might not notice it until they become a problem, so you need professional attention.

They do not necessarily transmit diseases in Australia, but there can be a variety of skin and allergic reactions to flea bites which can be absolutely inconvenient.

So, to save your pets and you from a flea infestation or take care of an existing one, give us a call or contact us quickly!

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