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The first thing to know about possum control in Australia is that it is illegal to harm or interfere with possums according to too the Wildlife Act of 1975.

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This has brought about an alternative option for people who are frustrated with possums in their roof and feeding on your precious flowers which are, possum traps and release systems, effectively operated by professional pest control service providers like us.

Possums are advantageous to the ecosystem because of their omnivorous eating habits, feeding on insects and other pests as well as plants.

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There are majorly two species found around Australian homes which are the;

  • Common Brushtail Possum: Recognized by its large size which is about that of a grown cat, black and hairy tail as well as its grey fur. They feed on an extensive variety of shrubs, fruits and leaves but also grass, fungi and newborn birds.
  • Common Ringtail Possum: This possum is significantly smaller than the brushtail and it is majorly distinguished by its tail which is curved and has a white tip as well as its round ears and grey colored back. They are hardly found in roofs of buildings but instead, on trees in their self-built nests called ‘dreys’.


Knowing that they are protected by the law, harming them is not an option. This is where the trapping and release system come in.

The trapped possums are required to be released at a distance within 50 meters of the capture location and on the same property, within 24 hours (sunset of that same day of capture).

Permits are needed for possums to be trapped and eradicated when all methods of release have been exhausted or they cannot be released on the same property.

All of this can be quite stressful and unnecessary for you to do by yourself so, our team of experts, whenever you contact us are capable and set to deliver our lisenced and quick possum trapping and releasing service.

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