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Maybe you must have already experienced it or something similar.

You are maybe taking your bath, and then you start hearing some sort of unknown buzzing sound that scares you, or have you had a visitor over and a rodent just waltzes in and out right in front of your visitors? Or you have experienced stings and bites from a variety of pests?

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Then you need pest control services of which we offer.

An infestation of pests in your workplace or home completely destabilizes the casual flow of things in your home.

As the Aroona Pest Control professional of choice, we offer you affordable services and professional advice with each job.

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The Sunshine Coast Pest Control team is passionate about pest control and unbeatable products at the lowest prices. Our team also offers pest control to other surrounding suburbs such as Mons, Peregian Springs, Buderim, Harper Creek, and Beachmere. Contact Sunshine Coast Pest Control right now. As locals, we can be there in no time.

A number of some of our specialized services offered to residents of Aroona are as follows;

Ants control

These tiny insects tend to appear everywhere throughout your home.

It becomes worse when other varieties of ants, like red ants, come into play as, aside from their troublesome behaviour, they bite as well.

The common DIY method is through trusted repellants. Still, if that is not working out as you would like, our professional team will see you through the process in no time and eliminate the threat according to your choice from the recommended options anywhere across Aroona.

Termite / White Ant Inspections

Termites are never what you want to get, and white ants can be undetectable until the damage is done. They also are at fault for an unmeasurable amount of damage to houses and businesses.

With the support from our termite Control and inspections, You will be making a move to resolve our probable termite problems properly.

These tiny pests can take down an entire complex. Staying protected from a white ant infestation is something to consider.

Our trusted team of experts come up with a proven fix, and we provide efficient physical and chemical barriers.

If we find no trace of infestation, it's advised to set up Termite/White Ant Barriers. You can use a physical or chemical barrier, and we will come up with preventive measures for your home and business.

Rodent and Mice Control

These pests are loathed by most of the world, and for a good reason.

They tend to cause a great amount of damage to property and people alike by contaminating foods with some deadly diseases, among other destructive activities they engage in.

Not to worry, there are ways to make your home to be rat-free.

This is where we come in with specialized services that will treat this rodent and mice problem by removing the ones in your home and then sealing all entrances from any advancing ones.

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These are only a few of our wide-ranging services, which generally include bees and wasps control, bedbugs and silverfish treatment, spider pest control, maggots control, flea and flies control, and so much more.

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